- American micro-chip technology alarm unit - 125dB siren - Microwave cloakig system to detect a person before they even touch your bike! - 2 stylish and compact 2 way remotes with colour LCD displays and finished with chrome metal - Power off memory/auto- arming feature - Remote keyless engine starting (can be disabled) - Anti-hijack function kills the engine using the remote - Bike locating function - Shock sensor adjustment - 2 way communication system keeps you aware. Should the alarm be triggered then the pager / remote control will vibrate and make a sound, even if you are 3 miles away!! These will aso display the status of the bike, i.e ignition on - Vibration alart on pager fob. Unlike the datatool snitcher you do not need a separate mobile phone contract. This is free air time! - Detailed users guide - Overtake warning ( is optional ) - Silent alarm/immoboliser function - Blue flashing LED shows its armed - Built in clock on remotes - Wiring kit Pricing: Pricing is approximate and in USD. The Spy5000M with Perimeter is $150. Availability: eBay, Resellers. No service or warranty. Shock, Tilt and Perimeter Scorpio SR-i900 includes TRS-9 remote transceiver, charger, MCM (main control module), RFID antenna, back up battery, universal installation kit (GEN-1), accessory harness (ACC- 1), and main harness (HAR- 1). Scorpio alarms have been optimized to work with motorcycle batteries and draw the least amount of power as necessary. Sleep modes are automatic and limit the draw on the battery without sacrificing security. Speaking of batteries, even if a thief disconnects your battery, the Main Control Module has an internal back-up battery that will sound the alarm if the main battery is disabled. The Perimeter Sensor provides a remote activated microwave sensor that detects motion in mass around the motorcycle protecting your saddlebags, luggage and other external accessories. The built in Three Stage warning chirps serve as an early warning system to scare away potential thieves. The Perimeter Sensor is sensitivity adjustable, and easily turned on or off as needed. No additional installation necessary, the easy to use addition simply plugs in to the accessory harness. Compatible with all Scorpio, rLiNK and RIDE Secure alarm systems. - By incorporating RFID, the system is able to know when the remote is in range, allowing the user to