cut with the electric or battery operated grinding tool, or bolt cutter fairly easily. But this takes the thief some time to do, so some people will use multiple chains as further deterrents. There are also 1/4, 1/2 and 1” cable locks and believe it or not they are harder to cut for a bolt cutter, but just as easy for the grinder. Coming back to out of town visits, use a 20 foot 1/4” wire cable and have the ends folded and cleated and get a good lock. Wind it up and store it for your out of town visits. It is a deterrent. Types of Chain There are many different types of metal chain, some that have stronger links, harder metal, but for the most part, the heaviest you will find easily like at the big box stores etc is 3/8” chain. It is also not that cheap upwards around $3-6 per foot. Marine shops migh have boat anchor chain 1/2” that a bolt cutter will NOT cut, and a grinder will take a very long time to cut but this is only good if it is attached to a secure device wherein the lock is not the weak point. Or where the bike can be picked up chain and all. I have seen this effective where people keep their bike in the back yard and they have dug a hole, poured concrete, anchored the chain and found the bigges toughest lock they could find. This would be a heavy deterrent. I mean, if I come into your back yard, look at that chain and lock....forget it! I’m going to need a lot of equipment to get through that and make a lot of noise. So this heavy chain, cemented to the ground and a lock is “Level 3” for sure and one of the best for security at home. Some people will say that the 3/8” chain that they bought is heavy duty, harder than other chain. A grinder will eliminate that in one extra minute. A half inch marine chain, no way. Be ware of chain locks you buy at shops that are part chain part lock. Ususally it is an inferior chain and inferior lock, sometimes a strong chain and a weak lock. Check out the Kryptonite lock on this page and look at how thick any part of this unit is...as a lock this is your best bet. So heavy chain and heavy locks you are not going to carry around and so these are generally used for home and garage. Chocks & Custom Bunkers The chock for the garage is a great idea because it keeps the bike upright and when you get home, it is easier to lift it up at the rear axle with a lift to oil the chain. Further, if you look at this chock, the weight and width provides more deterrence, but if bolted into the concrete, it become pretty safe in that it is not going anywhere. So now chain the bike to the chock with the best chain(s) and locks you can find and it becomes quite secure. Add a few more chains (3), the thief is really going to have to rethink getting caught with all that grinding and fuss. Remember this is mainly for underground parking, but nevertheless, bike are stolen from secure garages all the time, where the owner thinks “he its in my garage...safe”. NOT. The Bunker on this page was designed to provide maximum security and it is not hard to see that it would be next to impossible for a thief to deal with this. The Bunker is definitely “Level 3”. Alarms Wired Into Your Motorcycle Types: Shock, Tilt and Perimeter; Name brand and Chinese knock offs. Believe it or not, dollar for dollar and alarm is a must for every motorcycle out there. Why? Because it’s a real deterrent to thieves. Imagine the surprise the thief would have hearing a loud siren going off as he inspects and hatches his plan to take the bike? Get me outta here. He can’t and would not do anything with that alarm going off. But there are variances, how good is the alarm? How