buried in your pocket, not effective. Also not effective from underground garages. Some are advertised as 1 mile but that is straight line, no obstruction. For our testing and use, we found the feature ineffective. Having said that, we have heard some people like it. But again, to us, if the feature is not consistent or 100% dependable, its a wash. We are more interested in products and features that are straightforward and dependable. : One thing we have to be upfront about with all these alarms and this is understated in any of the setups, that is, it is crucial where the sensors are placed. Case in point: If you put the shock sensor in an inner basket in the tail section, the shock sensor will not be as sensitive as if you put it right on to the inner wall of an outside component like fairing etc. Likewise with a perimeter antenna, make sure you do some testing on the placement to get the maximum benefit to your liking. The problem with the multitude of no-name alarms you see on eBay is they are all a little bit different, crazy suspicious low prices and free delivery. Like many people, they take the gamble. But after reading this article hopefully you will save the money, time and dicking around and look up the ladder for something a bit more serious, a bit more reliable. But if you want to gamble, these things go for $15-75. We did install and try a few out and all 3 worked, but you really had to poke hard at the bike to get the alarm to go off. One unit was the opposite, alarm kept going off randomly for no reason... no wind, nothing to bother. Shock & Tilt plus Pager on the 9100 If you only want Shock and Tilt, save your self some money and buy the 9000. If you want pager, the 9100. Gorilla only provides shock and tilt, It does not make a perimeter alarm and does not have a GPS component. So its a good basic motorcycle alarm, with the absolute easiest install of ANY alarm. Having said that, in all the set ups we tried on sensitivity, we could not get the shock sensitivity dialed up to where we wanted it. We tried everything and in fact had Gorilla send a new shock sensor, but that worked exactly the same. to get the Gorilla alarm to work on our tests you had to hit the bike hard, get on it and bounce it around. The tilt feature worked better. We tried moving the shock sensor to various positions and in horizontal and vertical, but it did not make a difference. Our phone calls to Gorilla did not help. They would only tell us to send it in for testing. But they did send a new unit out to us, but as stated, worked the same. There is no wiring into your system at all, just connect to the battery and find a place to attach sensor and/or pager antenna. Available at motorcycle dealers and distributors everywhere. Availability: Full services from Gorilla Alarm, Los Angeles California. Shock, Tilt and Perimeter The Spy 5000M is made in China (what isn’t) and available mostly through eBay. However, this is an upscale motorcycle alarm. The thing one has to be careful with is when ordering. Some Spy 5000M units come with the perimeter component and some don’t, so be sure that if ordering, it clearly indicates perimeter component included if that is what you want. The Spy 5000M is a dependable and consistent unit from our tests and tests that we have seen in other articles. Everything works quite well. This alarm has a wide range of features including: