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Comparing Nitrous, Turbo and Superchargers

Nitrous is the cheapest way to get substantial power, followed by Turbo and then Supercharger. Compare Nitrous kit from $490, Turbo kit $2699 and Supercharger kit $4500. Nitrous kits simply bolt right on with the minimum of effort and fits any vehicle, engine, carb or fuel injection system. Nitrous can be run very simply just by pressing the button to spray nitrous into your airbox. The price is right and the only real downside is having to fill the bottles, but this really only takes a few minutes.

Turbos are by far the best option and uses the exhaust to power the turbine which rotates the induction part of the turbine and pulls ambient air into the throttle bodies. Its a very clean system that does not use any engine power to force air into the engine. Many drag racers use a combination of turbo and nitrous. The only downside is that turbo kits are only available for a select group of motorcycles. Also depending on the complexity of the motorcycle, some turbo kits are more expensive than others and similarly the greater the demand the greater the cost.

Superchargers provide power through the whole power band but leeches power from the engine, so less power overall. In drag you don't need low end power since your never low in the rpm band. Superchargers are somewhat rare in motorcycles due to the limited number bikes that superchargers are built for, the higher cost and some issues with tuning.

Nitrous Kits for Motorcycles

Nitrous Fits Anything with an Engine

From $490. First please note that Nitrous is NOT Nitro Methane. Nitro methane is a fuel used by top class Drag bikes/cars and is in no way similar or linked to nitrous oxide. In fact they couldn't be more different, as nitro methane is a flammable fuel, while nitrous oxide is a non-flammable oxidiser.
We sell the widest range of NitroBoost products to the widest range of vehicles in Dry or Wet nitrous kit systems. All are top quality products with braided or custom copper lines, premium solenoids, couplings, bottles, brackets, controllers, displays, gauges, purge systems, adapters, sensors, bungs, openers. HardRider NitroBoost kits and components fit any motorcycle or ATV. The big benefit of nitrous is the cost and easy install and kits never become redundant. Go to Nitrous Page for more info.

Turbo Kits for Motorcycles
ProBoost 25 Years Building Turbos

From $2699. Our ProBoost Turbo kits are one of the oldest and best known performance products to produce lots of additional power for your motorcycle.
The most ideal product for drag and street racing. Horsepower boosts range up to 450HP, depending on what you are looking for and how far you want to go. 
Larger horsepower demands will require some engine work, but Stage 1 will bolt on to a stock motor. Some engines may require shims to lower compression. ProBoost has been building turbo kits for over 25 years. Availability: Suzuki Hayabusa Gen1, Gen2, B-King, Bandit 96-05, GSXR 1100 88-92, GSX 1400, GSX 1150. 
Canadian/USA distributor for
ProBoost Turbo.
Go to Turbo page for more info.
ProBoost at the Track

Bandit Turbos

280 RWHP


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Custom Products | Services

Most of our products are custom made or custom order. If you are looking for something that is not on our site, click Enquire in top header bar and let us know.
Custom orders require full prepayment by PayPal invoice/credit card/etransfer. You will be provided with full specs and images so no surprises.

Some of the Common Custom Orders:
- Custom swingarms
- Extended and or extended braced swingarms
- Single sided swingarms
- Fat tire kits

Custom Services:
- Aluminum and specialty or difficult welding
- Swingarm welded extension builds
- Powder and Ceramic coatings

For service we will provide a drop off and pickup location that will be provided to you when you fill out the form on our Enquire Page in the top header.

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