We Build Bikes the Way You Want or Supply the Parts

Built Tough...
hardrider Bandit Turbo Bikes

Bandit turbo bikes running 240hp, the ultimate street fighter. Send us your bike or we can build a Bandit turbo bike for you. There are so many benefits to the Bandit bike. First, solid performance 1200 provides tons of torque and very reliable. One of the few bikes where a turbo can bolt on without having to take the engine out. You can buy a used Bandit for a few thousand dollars, put a turbo on it, do a few mods and you have a low cost street fighter. We can do it for you or we can send you the turbo kit to bolt on complete and ready to ride.


Built HArd...
hardrider Hayabusa road KING

There is no other motorcycle that is better known in the drag circuit than the Hayabusa Turbo. The Busa coupled with nitrous at the dragstrip is unstoppable. For the street the Turbo Busa is totally unchallenged in power, performance, customization, race accessories and parts.
We can build it for you or send the turbo kit to you complete with pre-tune. Our prices are the best you will find anywhere. Stage-1, 315hp, Stage II, 420hp. 


Build Special...
HardRider Custom Busa

We love the Gen2 Busa's, the generation with most aspirated horsepower and torque and also with most race and custom accessories. There are still many around to buy. Our Green Hornet is loaded with custom accessories and sports two 2.5lb. nitrous bottles, a 300 single side 14 over swingarm, JVC stereo, air shock, quick shift, lighting package and much more. We can build your dream bike to your specs in Gen1, 2 or 3 with whatever horsepower you require, new or used and we can source the bike if you do not have it.


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