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dry nitrous kit - starter

Dry Kits - from $490 

These are Basic Stage 1 Quality Dry Kits with All You Need to use Nitrous. HardRider kits are products that have been chosen with experience and are provided with braided lines, premium solenoids and first class fittings and bottles. Basic Kits will NOT become obsolete as you go higher in power and accessories. As you need more, whether its controller or heaters, purge etc we can help you every step of the way.  Another very important point, is while some people that are selling nitrous products have product knowledge, often they they do not have first hand experience installing or using the product. HardRider Motorcycle can assist you with every step, with the right product selection, how to fill and place bottles and solenoids and the nuances that will greatly assist in getting it right the first time. Nitrous fits any and all motorcycles.

With this kit you can add up to 150+hp (with addons and a bigger jet), but we recommend not going beyond 40-60hp if you want to use this kit without the addons and if you stay within the 15-40hp you do not need any addons. This kit uses the air box to spray and AFR is controlled by the EFI sensors.

Comes with everything you need to install and ride. Detailed instructions come with system and we can help you along the way should you hit a road block with video hands on install sessions. Comes with the 1.25LB bottle  standard bottle (but can be changed out for any size bottle and brackets) jets, solenoid, wiring, single or dual snorkel intakes, its all in the kit!  You can ask for no labels on bottles etc. 

Looking for auto, atv or marine kits?
Not a problem. We can help you. Simply go to our Contact page and fill out your vehicle information and we will get right back to you. Alternatively you can go to our affiiate Nitrous Kits Canada at: Either way we can get you exactly what you need without the hassle of high shipping costs, brokerage fees, customs, duty, taxes and on and on from anything south of the border.  We purchase in quantity and truck in.


Nitrous Twin Bottle, Twin Nozzle, and purge Kit

This has become our most popular kit. Twin bottle, twin lines to air box and purge with all braided lines and premium parts. This Dry Kit fits all EFI fuel injected bikes with air box.
Bottles can be side mounted frame, mounted to front frame, or saddlebags for discretion and no brainer mounting.

Bottles can be changed to 2.5lb twin bottles. Bottle labels included but no on bottle.
Excellent instructions, very easy to install. Electrical requires some knowledge, however instructions are clear and concise and you could get a friend that understand wiring diagram, which is quite simple. We also offer photo pics of setup.
We also provide basic email and telephone support, however, everything required to understand the process is in the instruction guide.

After install:
1. Tuning not required if you are using small demand 15-30hp and pointing jets to air box sensor.
2. If you are adding up to 30-50hp, a power commander will suffice to add more fuel.
3. For more 40-80hp a change to ECU and dyno tune required.
4. For even greater hp, engine mods, controller and clutch mod recommended.
Jet Specs (twin line):  Jet20=40hp, Jet26=60hp, Jet30=80hp
Jet Specs (single line): Jet28=15hp, Jet34=30hp, Jet36=40hp
Note: above specs based on general dyno results, for accuracy, get a dyno tune. 



Wet nitrous Kit - starter

Universal Wet Kit  - Carburetor or EFI - from $890

HardRider Motorcycle is pleased to offer our Number One Universal Wet Kit for Carburetor and EFI (fuel injected) motorcycles. Controls Fuel and Nitrous (fuel and nitrous solenoids). A complete kit including fuel pump and everything you need. These kits are great for folks looking to add more HP than normal to their bike. The kit use quality parts like braided lines, not plastic, stainless high flow solenoids, nozzle mounts to mount the wet nozzle in rubber or plastic. We even provide a tap so you can mount the nozzles in metal! Note: The kit comes with a 1.25lb bottle (but can be changed out for any size bottle and brackets). 


screw-in 12/20 oz. Bottle Kits

Replacement Motorcycle Bottle Bracket for single or twin bottle motorcycle kits that use the "Twist on" bottles. Bottle twists on to mount so changing bottles is a ten second process! Comes with Nitrous bottle fill adaptor.

Another benefit as a street rider is you can easily turn the bottles on/off when needed so there is not pressure on the solenoids for long periods.

Gauge port built into the side of the bracket (1/8" NPT threads) plus the standard outlet fitting on the opposite side. (Gauge sold separate). 


Screw in Bottle Adapter


Fill Adaptor for screw in style nitrous bottles.  For filling quick change nitrous bottles with pin valves. Comes with whats shown. You can ask for no labels on bottles etc  


Screw in Bottle Pin Valve

Valve For Smaller Screw in Bottle

Pin Valve Assembly For 10-12-20 oz Nitrous Bottles. This valve is the one used in the quick change EFI motorcycle kits. Add a bit of thread locker when installing this valve.  


Bottle Heater

This Bottle heater (for 2 & 2.5LB bottles) is one of the best available and uses the smallest most accurate pressure switch available. Our heater holds the pressure within 50 PSI. It comes with all the components to install and is made out of superior components! It will work with your existing bottle adaptor. It will keep your bottle at an optimum pressure 900-950 PSI(adjustable from 550-1250PSI). The heater is a full silicone flexible heater with velcro straps for quick bottle changes. Team this up with our pressure Gauge you have the most sophisticated nitrous pressure control system available. Element size 12.75"x3". 


Nitrous purge Kit

This nitrous Purge System bleeds the air from the Nitrous line while also sending a plume of Nitrous high into the air. Select the motorcyle application kit for motorcylce use. This kit will work on all our nitrous kits. Motorcycle applications will come with a few different fittings (an 1/8" NPT "T" and 1/8"NPT Coupler) to make it work with most motorcycle nitrous kits. It does not come with a 4AN or 6AN fitting. 


Purge Light

This Device will illuminate your purge for a dramatic effect at night! Scare the competition and look great doing it. Great for bikes as well! One super intense LED will last for years and years without failure. 



These switches have a sturdy spring loaded cover so the switches do not get accidently turned on.

They come labeled and are available as:

Purge Switch, Power Switch, Heater Switch, Fuel Switch, Arming Switch, Pump Switch, Customs up to 6 Letters, Non-Labeled Switch. All the switches come with a high power switch capable of switching 20 amps. The switches are screw terminal for quick installation.


Spray Bar

Sting the competition with the Black Widow Nitrous Kit. This kit is the most complete kit available. Made for high horsepower 4 cyl bikes, this kit will flow up to 150hp. Finally a complete universal kit made for any fuel injected 4 cyl motorcycle.

Custom fit your spray bar to your preference! Simply install the black widow spray bar, bend your tubing, cut to length and your done.

This kit is the ultimate in tuneablity. Designed for use with or without progressive controllers, this kit jets at the spray bar and at the solenoid for tons of fine tuning ability. Other spray bars do not work with progressive controllers due to poor design. if you mount jets at the spray bar, all the braided line and inside the spray bar acts like a reservoir holding the pressure. It will not pulse the pressure as it would take a second or two to bleed past the jets. By jetting at the solenoid the pressure will build much slower in the lines giving way more control of the nitrous coming out of the hole. Jet changes are now a snap! No more lifting the tank, simply swap the one jet on the solenoid.

Comes complete with a tubing bender, tubing cutter, extra tube, jets, black widow spray bar, braided lines. 


Oxygen Sensor

Wideband Oxygen Sensor 

Bosch Oxygen Sensor Bosch LSU4.2 5-wire, wide-band O2 sensor for dynotune and innovate controllers. Many other wideband systems use this same sensor. Control your AFR.  Picture is one of our used stock items.  As all products we sell, product is new.



Buy What You Need

Our Nitrous jets are precision machined to create a perfect flowing jet. Our jets only work with our kits.

Jets have numbers stamped into the sides of them. The number is the size hole that is drilled in the jet. Example, a #28 jet has a .028" hole in it. Jets can be used for nitrous or fuel. When the jetting chart calls out for a #58 Nitrous jet and a #32 fuel jet, simply buy a #58 and a #32 jet.


Nitrous Lines

AN Nitrous lines with Blue or Red Fitting

Braided nitrous lines come in blue or red fittings. Perfect for nitrous solenoid. 4AN female to 1/8" npt male.
Any size, custom order. Standard are 1, 2 and 4 foot lines. 


Bottle Gauge

Liquid Filled Nitrous Pressure Gauge 1.5" with black or white face and chrome bezel(pick the face color). Mount this show quality gauge on your bottle so you can keep an eye on that bottle pressure. Comes with 1/8" NPT male output fitting so it can screw right into the side of your bottle port. 


Bottle Nut

4AN Nitrous Bottle Nut with washer. Mounts to your nitrous Bottle and Comes with a teflon washer. Fits standard CGA 660 valves. Will not corrode. 4AN size is what you want for basic street kit up to 200HP. 


standard fitting

3AN or 4AN Male to 1/8"NPT Male Fitting standard fitting for Most motorcycle EFI street nitrous kits


Two Port'r

Two Hole Gauge Adaptor 4AN (Blue or black depending on what we have in stock) Swivel. Use this custom fitting for all gauges and nitrous bottle heater kits to mount the pressure switch. Comes in 4 or 6AN male fitting with male and female on opposite ends. The two ports are 1/8"npt female. Comes with one hole plug just in case you only need one port.


Jet fitting

This fitting holds a standard NOS style flare jet. A -3AN braided line attaches over the jet and screws onto the fitting to seal and secure the jet in place. You can use this fitting for dry nitrous applications into air box's manifolds ect. Similar to a basic dry fan nozzle but shorter and it uses the larger 1/8" NPT male threads


90 Degree Nozzle

4AN Swivel Fitting for Nitrous Feed Line. Let's your line come out a better angle for some installations. 


Fittings Closeu


Bracket for Bottle

2-2.5LB Billet Bottle Bracket, machined finish. Use some mothers polish and it will shine like chrome! Fits 2LB to 2.5LB nitrous and co2 bottles. Bottles with 4.25" Diameter. Hole spacing is standard 2.5" so it will fit many extended swingarms.

Add the optional bracket base if you want to mount it to a flat part on the swingarm, drill and bolt in place! Comes with stainless hardware 1/4-20 bolts.


Fake Purge

Fake Nitrous Purge

This kit comes complete with everything you need to install a Nitrous look but using CO2 Purge system on your vehicle for a little fun. It's a simple installation, comes with the 1.25LB Bottle and Bracket that can mount anywhere, High Flow solenoid, switches, wire, fuse and 10' of purge tubing. It also comes with our custom CO2 adaptor so you can have the bottle filled at any paintball store to save tons of cash. Looks just like nitrous purging out in a great white plume.

Purging Video


Bottle scale

Accuteck Pro Series comes with two weighing capacity choices of 60lb, 110lb depending on your needs. Start Weight from 10g/0.5oz.Have concerns about the accuracy? Accuteck ShipPro has a graduation of 0.1oz.Have worries about the batteries expenses? Accuteck ShipPro can be powered by batteries, USB cable, and Ac adapter. Tare function which allows you to zero out the number for the previous weighing objects. Hold function allows you to lock the number after you take the package off the platform.
It's critical to fill bottles to the correct weight and extremely important not to over fill. Over filling will cause the bottle pressure to rise out of the safety zone and will also damage solenoids.


Many Other Parts

Bottle mounts and many other products, sorry we just have not had the time to list. But whatever you are looking for, just got to our Store page eForm and let us know what you want. Click here for form.


sticker Nitrous

HardRider Sticker are 6.5" wide with white cropped background. This is a high quality decal.


Remote Support

Zoom Video Calls  (Video Installation Assistance Calls)

Nitrous Oxide kits are a blessing. You pay a fraction of what you would pay for big power kits like Supercharger or Turbos and you do not need to have it running all the time, just when you need it. Having said that, there really are pros and cons to each.

Some people think that its hard on the engine and so refrain but the truth is adding a modest power load will have very little impact on your engine. When you go high horsepower you need more sophistication to help your engine dispurse and delivery this power. This comes in timing and mainly AFR (air fuel ratio) adjustments for when you're adding hundreds of horsepower, matching engine work.

But for most riders, an additional 20-80+ horsepower is well within the means of easy peasy. Middle Pic on left basic Dry Kit install. Bottle pic more complex controller install for bigger power. AFR still has to be adjusted, but there are several ways to do this.

For customers around the world, we have made the jump to nitrous an easy one with easy installation instructions and if you need a real person to help with trouble shooting or step by step instruction, HardRider Motorcycle  Installation Support.

The fee for this is $70 per session (max 30 min.). An appointment is required and we are available 9am to 8pm EST. Prepayment is required.

Nitrous Chart to Show Fuel Increase Needed