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nitroBoost Nitrous products

Order Only What You Need
Benefit #1:  Nitrous Kits fit ANY motorcycle or ATV, anything with an engine.
Benefit #2: By Far the Lowest Cost Way to add horsepower.
Benefit #3: Easy to install. Its Bolt On. No need to take engine out.

For Street or Strip, HardRider has you covered.

HardRider NITROBOOST provides "DRY & WET" premium products that have been chosen with experience and are provided with braided, copper or galvanized steel lines, premium solenoids and first class fittings and bottles etc. Lines can be purchase by length, spool or by custom size with flange fittings.

NitroBoost Kits will NOT become obsolete as you go higher in power and accessories.  HardRider  can assist you with every step, with the right product selection, how to fill and place bottles and solenoids and the nuances that will greatly assist in getting it right the first time. We consider the biggest benefit of nitrous is being able to put a streetable "small hit" of nitrous in the bike (15-40hp).

Most riders prefer a smaller bump in power. At this stage you have likely modified your exhaust, or should have, and the bike should be tuned. If you are adding up to 30-50hp, a power commander will suffice to add more fuel  with maps you can download. For best results get the full dynotune. Some riders might say hey I just do not want to damage my engine. If installed properly with correct AFR (air fuel ratio) there is very little if any risk at low jetting and horsepower 15-40hp. Thats a big benefit of nitrous you can vary the output ever so slightly by changing the jets. Consider those that are using huge hits of nitrous or superchargers and turbo  kits with upto 500hp riding on the street.

Compare: Our NitroBoost Kit starting price at approximately $490, compared to a Supercharger or Turbo Kit average price $6000 plus incidentals Intercooler, Wastegate $2000 plus install $3000, tune $500 with Power Commander (double without Power Commander). Go to Nitrous in Store page above.

HardRider Show Bike Nitrous Bottles

nitroBoost Bottles

HardRider provides two premium aluminum nitrous bottles for your motorcycle, either a 2.5lb and a 20oz. This choice comes down to install location and look. Bigger bottles give more longevity and some riders get around this by adding a second bottle in the smaller size.

Note on the Green Hornet Hayabusa to the left, 2-2.5lb. bottles, using a premium frame mount. HardRider also provides 10lb bottles for automobile use or as a mother bottle to fill the smaller bottles.

All HardRider NitroBoost bottles come in powdered coated black with optional stickers (if requested). Or in the case of Green Hornet, painted.


NitroBoost Solenoids

NitroBoost solenoids are manufactured using a proprietary plunger material that is swelling resistant. Crafted with a strong stainless steel base, these solenoids are a staple in the high-performance market. The primary purpose of a solenoid is to act as a valve turning the nitrous and fuel on and off. Different sizes of solenoids are available depending on the amount of flow required. Stage 1 solenoid upto 150hp .78 orifice. Stage 2 solenoid upto 250hp .9 orifice.

Note: Do not use PTFE thread tape as it can damage the solenoid, only use a PTFE thread sealant paste to seal fittings.


Nitroboost Braided lines

Perfect for nitrous solenoid. 4AN and 3AN female to 1/8" npt male. 

NitroBoost stainless steel braided hoses are PTFE-lined and factory-assembled to provide safe, secure plumbing for your nitrous and fuel line needs. The hoses are available in a variety of lengths, diameters, end fitting sizes and thread attachment styles. Hose ends are offered with a red, blue, or black anodized finish.

The stainless AN lines have anodized fittings with a Teflon lined inside of the fitting to unsure no leaks.  !, 2 and 4 foot standard plus custom lengths.


Nitroboost Copper lines

Copper nickel brake lines are quickly becoming the go-to choice for nitrous lines. The most obvious advantage of copper lines is that they are much more durable, flexible and stronger. Furthermore, since they are made from a flexible material, they can bend around tight corners with ease.

Copper is also more resistant to temperature fluctuations than other metals, allowing it to maintain its performance even in extreme temperatures and it does not absorb as much heat as other materials. More than anything, copper lines are designed to offer maximum efficiency by allowing for greater fluid flow. 

HardRider provides made to measure custom copper lines with fittings. 

HardRider Nitrous Accessories

nitrous Brackets & Accessories

Bottle brackets are important to work properly and look good at the same time. Our brackets do both. High quality aluminum in a wide range of sizes. Whether you are installing on tabs, a flat surface or clamping to a tube; the billet aluminum bar clamps are an ideal solution for mounting just about any accessory. Natural aluminum finish or powder coated black.

There are so many fittings and line types, just send us your requirements on the Purchase Now / Product Enquiry page so we can assist.


nitrous Mother Bottle Nut

This is the bottle valve that typically goes on the mother bottle, typically a 10lb. bottle for motorcycle riders. This has the male 4AN end for the 4AN braided line for filling the smaller bottles.


nitrous Bottle Pressure Gauge

Liquid Filled Nitrous Pressure Gauge 1.5" with white face and chrome bezel. Mount this show quality gauge on your bottle so you can keep an eye on that bottle pressure. Comes with 1/8" NPT male output fitting so it can screw right into the side of your bottle port. 


nitrous Air Fuel Gauge

If you are running any kind of motorcycle modification like nitrous, turbo, supercharger etc, you are going to require a air/fuel gauge to keep your ratio in the correct zone. This gauge will let you know if for whatever reason your ratio is not spot on to shut down and re-tune. This could be from a bad injector, fuel pump or in the case of a nitrous kit, too much nitrous and not enough fuel. With this gauge installed you do not need to worry about damaging your engine.


Fuel Line Pressure gauge

MEASUREMAN 1-1/2" Dial Size, Glycerin Filled Fuel Pressure Gauge, 304 Stainless Steel case, 0-15Psi, 3-2-3%, 1/8"NPT Mount. For meausring fuel pressure. Make sure your fuel pump is performing (ie bad pump, clogged filters).
-1-1/2" dial size, 1/8"NPT rear
-Pressure range: 0-15psi single scale
-Stainless steel case, brass wetted parts-Accuracy: +/-3-2-3%


Oil Pressure gauge

Marshall Instruments Pressure Gauge. While it might not be usual for an oil pump to fail or wear out, it's not impossible. However, if you are putting more power out of your engine and increased demands are made on the system, ensuring the oil pressure does not drop is a great comfort knowing you can keep an eye on it.

1.5" Oil Pressure Gauge, 0-60 PSI, 1/8" NPT

White Dial, Red Pointer, Liquid Filled

Stainless Steel Case and Bezel


nitrous standard fitting

Male to 1/8"NPT Male Fitting standard fitting in 3AN or 4AN. A very standard fitment. for nitrous.


nitrous Two Port adapter

Two Hole Gauge Adaptor 4AN swivel. Use this custom fitting for all gauges and nitrous bottle heater kits to mount the pressure switch. The two ports are 1/8"npt female. Comes with one hole plug just in case you only need one port.


nitrous Jet fitting

This fitting holds a standard NOS style flare jet. A -3AN braided line attaches over the jet and screws onto the fitting to seal and secure the jet in place. You can use this fitting for dry nitrous applications into air box's, manifolds etc.


nitrous 90 Degree Nozzle

Convenient fitting for nitrous feed line to get into the  right places or redirect to better angles. Let's your line come out a better angle for some installations. 4AN and 3AN.


nitrous spray Nozzle

This nozzle is used for Dry Nitrous injection. It has a 1/16" NPT threads, see our tap to make mounting a snap.


Distribution Block Spyder

These distribution blocks come as shown with the 3/16" compression fittings to work with the fogger tubing. They are billet aluminum and blue anodized. Great for kits up to 250HP.


Wet Kit Fogger

Fogger nozzle for wet nitrous kits. See our tap to make mounting a snap.


Fuel pump Wet Kits

Fuel Pump up to 250HP used for Wet Nitrous Kits.


Tap for Wet Kits

1/16" NPT tap for Fogger Nozzle Installation into metal or thick plastic. Use drill bit "D" or a .246" drill bit.


nitrous switches

These switches have a sturdy spring loaded cover so the switches do not get accidently turned on.

They come labeled and are available as:

Purge Switch, Power Switch, Heater Switch, Fuel Switch, Arming Switch, Pump Switch, Customs up to 6 Letters, Non-Labeled Switch. All the switches come with a high power switch capable of switching 20 amps. The switches are screw terminal for quick installation.


WideBand Oxygen Sensor

Wideband Oxygen Sensor. Control your AFR (air fuel ratio).
Option-1) Bosch Oxygen Sensor Bosch LSU4.2 5-wire, wide-band O2 sensor for innovate controllers. Many other wideband systems use this same sensor. 
Option-2) Also have replacement wideband oxygen sensor, for Daytona wego3 wideband controllers. 


nitrous Purge Light

This Device will illuminate your purge for a dramatic effect at night! Scare the competition and look great doing it. Great for bikes as well! One super intense LED will last for years and years without failure. 


nitrous Bottle Heater

This Bottle heater (for 2 & 2.5LB bottles) is one of the best available and uses the smallest most accurate pressure switch available. Our heater holds the pressure within 50 PSI. It comes with all the components to install and is made out of superior components! It will work with your existing bottle adaptor. It will keep your bottle at an optimum pressure 900-950 PSI(adjustable from 550-1250PSI). The heater is a full silicone flexible heater with velcro straps for quick bottle changes. Team this up with our pressure Gauge you have the most sophisticated nitrous pressure control system available. Element size 12.75"x3. 


nitrous jets

Buy What You Need. Our Nitrous jets are precision machined to create a perfect flowing jet. Our jets only work with our kits. Jets have numbers stamped into the sides of them. The number is the size hole that is drilled in the jet. Example, a #28 jet has a .028" hole in it. Jets can be used for nitrous or fuel. When the jetting chart calls out for a #58 Nitrous jet and a #32 fuel jet, simply buy a #58 and a #32 jet. See chart below on this page.


Mini Controller

The Mini Controller is a 2-stage progressive nitrous controller featuring two independent stages of nitrous control, each with its own throttle position activation switch and progressive control ramps. It eliminates the need for a window switch, and allows you to turn the nitrous on and off at set points.
The controllers also feature two programmable outputs so you can control timing retard or other devices. Includes hand-held touch screen programmer which makes it quick and easy.
-2 fully independent nitrous controllers in one small bulletproof case
-Hand held programmer for ease in programming. Allows you to mount the main box out of sight. Integrated throttle position activation switch eliminates the need for a separate WOT switch.
Progressive nitrous ramps feature:
-Delay time programmable from 0 to 9.9 sec.
-Start percentage programmable from 0 to 99%
-Ramp time programmable from 0 to 9.9 sec
-End percentage programmable from 0 to 99%
-Nitrous can be programmed to ramp up or down
-RPM on/off control eliminates the need for a separate window switch
-Solenoid control channels with a 40 amp load capacity for large solenoids
-Two output signals for use with timing retards or activation switches 



Nitrous Bottle scale

Our Nitrous scale comes with two weighing capacity choices of 60lb, 110lb depending on your needs. Start Weight from 10g/0.5oz. Our scale has a graduation of 0.1oz. and can be powered by batteries. Comes with USB cable, and AC adapter. Tare function which allows you to zero out the number for the previous weighing objects. Hold function allows you to lock the number after you take the package off the platform. It's critical to fill bottles to the correct weight and extremely important not to over fill. Over filling will cause the bottle pressure to rise out of the safety zone and will also damage solenoids.


Flaring Tool Kit

Nitrous Line Flaring Tool Kit for setting various angles on copper, or galvanized steel lines with 45° flares for correct fitting. This 45° flaring and swaging kit comes with cones, bars, fittings, tube cutter, and ratchet wrench features sizes ranging from 1/8” to 5/6” to ¾” and case. It even comes with ¾” OD tubing to ensure consistent repairs.


Braided Line Fitting Kit

The set includes one AN 4 to AN 8 sizes. Kit fits -4AN though -8AN fittings and hoses. Eases braided hose and fitting assembly. Kit include all tools, fitting adapters for most fittings, detailed assembly instructions and storage case. Kit fits -4an though -8an fittings and hoses. Eases braided hose and fitting assembly. Includes detailed instructions including video.

Nitrous Chart General Guesstimates