HardRider ProBoost Turbo Kits


Suzuki Hayabusa Gen1, Gen2, B-King, Bandit, GSXR 1100, GSX 1400, GSX 1150


Turbo Motorcycle Kits

HardRider Motorcycle couples up with ProBoost (Finland) for motorcycle turbo kit sales in North America. We import, land, check and provide these units for sale to our client base in Canada and USA. We are experts on Gen2 bikes, we have several, all with nitrous and turbo kits, so we can assist with the install or install for you. 

Proboost Turbo Systems has been making turbo kits for over 26 years, so experience weighs in at the top of the list for experience and reliability for this solid first class turbo kit. Look at the product itself, it speaks experience.

Proboost Turbo Kits substantially increases the speed, horse power and torque of a motorcycle with simple Stage 1 units being the least intrusive on your engine.

Why pay more? At $3290, the Proboost is one of the best deals in turbo chargers on the market, other than home built or Chinese knock-offs, which for sure you do not want.

Total kit includes:
-modified turbocharger TD05H-16G with 0.7bar actuator
-stainless steel SS304 exhaust manifold
-stainless steel SS304 down pipe 3″
-casting aluminium plenum
-blue silicone hoses for pressure lines
-clamps for pressure lines
-oil lines -boost gauge and lines
-air filter
-heavy duty clutch spring
-GM map sensor -turbo softcare and installation USB stick.
-The original RADIATOR and OIL COOLER can be used.

The Full Price (Ready Set Go):

Hayabusa street kit $3290

Cometic head gasket and 2mm cylinder spacer $150

Hayabusa  ECU preprogrammed ready to go $500

The easiest tune is to buy the preprogrammed ECU from us but you can also purchase programming cable, download software and then program yourself.


HardRider Blue Rocket Upgrade 23/24

Riders with new bikes call this old school, and it is. But this old school is a titan in performance and the ability to take on more power without any concern. The Gen2 is legendary in custom builds and drag racing.

This Gen2 has been built front to back with quality aftermarket products. Formerly our nitrous bike, this bike is now getting a t
urbo  along with top end upgrade for 2024.